Electrical & Plumbing


Today's homes rely on electrical power more than ever to keep our families safe, comfortable and entertained. You can count on us to keep the electric power flowing safely, efficiently and reliably in your home. We can solve any electrical problem in your home.

 Electrical Inspections
 Service Upgrades
 Panel Upgrades
 Security Systems
 Appliance Wiring
 Outdoor & security Wiring
 Pool & Spa Wiring
 Electrical Code Compliance
 Lighting, Switches, Outlets & Plugs
 Wiring & Additional circuits
 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
 Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)
 Computer & Entertainment System Wiring
 Whole House Surge Suppression
 Whole House Fire Protection System
 Whole House Stand by Electrical Generators

Whether you want to beautify your home with new lighting fixtures or ensure the safety of your family, we are dedicated to helping you. We are experts in the latest safety equipment and technology advancements.


Services for Residential Clients include installation, repair, and replacement of:

 Sewers & Drains
 Faucets & Sinks
 Bathtubs & Showers
 Water Lines & Pipes
 Garbage Disposals
 Water Heaters
 Septic Systems
 Wells & Pumps
 Tankless Water Heaters

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